There is something in the air

And no, it’s not love. Well, maybe it is, but we are speaking about PASSION and LUST. Now with our Cobra 120, you don’t have to worry that you will be left out since this drug will make you the expert of universe! IF you are looking for something that will rock the world of you and your partner, you should definitely GO for this drug, since it has proven positive effect on erectile dysfunction syndrome and is the best way to get rid of this devil hiding in your pants. There is no need to feel shy, when you are using this drug, since this makes a man out of anyone.

When is the best time to use it?

You should swallow one pill a day, some 15-30 minutes before the actual act. Now beware, since the drug is not an aphrodisiac! You will have to please your partner with a little foreplay as usual to make it work, however once you will fell the slightest touch, you will know that it works since Cobra promises you more than 6 hours of joy, if you decide to have that endless ecstasy – it’s a win-win for your partner too since she/he will be speechless!

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